05 August 2010

have you tried these yet???

ok, so i don't get to shop at whole foods very often. it gets kind of pricy, and well, there isn't one close to here (yet! they're building a whole foods at waugh and dallas....just fyi!!!!). but sometimes, other grocery stores get a little bit clever, and start carrying yummy HEALTHY foods in the unhealthy aisles. i don't know if you've heard of the brand 'food should taste good,' but they make delicious chips that taste really good!!! AND are made with healthy ingredients to help you make healthy snacking choices (and who couldn't use them in this culture!). not everybody loves carrot sticks, you know.

i have had these before, cause they sell HUGE bags of them at CostCo (thank you for that by the way), but the only ones i've had are the multigrain. and they are super yummy....but have you had the sweet potato ones????? cause they are the BEST! you've got to try them...cause they are not only worth the calories, but they are healthier than those over salted tostitos, and they taste better too!!!! so check them out! (they carry them at most grocery stores, and if not, i've heard they're at starbucks...boo)

these images came from the food should taste good website...check it out! cause it's really cute!

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Christy said...

ohhhhh those look GOOD!!!!

(almost as good as K's sweet potato fries...those count as a vegetable, right???!!!!)