30 August 2010

so i was doing some harmless online looking...and i found some of the cutest things on the pottery barn's teen website. i know what you're thinking-- "that stuff's all for teenagers and pre-teens." and you might be right...BUT you might also be surprised by how cute everything is, and how easy it might be to incorporate some of those things into a grown-up's room!!

so check out these things...and i've included links, so it's easy to shop while you blog-stalk! enjoy!!!

first is this adorable pom-pom pillow. which would be so cute on any cream covered bed!

then there's this really cool idea of a create-your-own-wall-mural...which i think could be great for a number of things...a cool graphic in a baby's room. or a sophisticated image in the living or dining room. the possibilities are limitless!!!!

closely followed by the personalize-it-wall-mural, that allows you to give a warhol-like effect to any image you want! that's pretty cool, right?!

i love this peace sign light-up lamp for the wall...i think it's so cute for a game room!! (and i think you could hide that cord behind the wall too....)

i think these word bookends are so adorable!!! i would put them on ANY desktop or bookshelf.

i love this pillow for its simple message and it's adorable graphic! and you should "love your ocean" pillow! (and i might have to get this as a gift for someone i know who loves oceans!!)

this XOXOXOXO pillow is almost too cute for words. i just love it...and i would really love it on a plain cream sofa.

i think this light cube table would be so chic in an ultramodern living room. next to something with horns on it...hee hee

these laundry bags are so adorable, and they have some closet organization to match. and the pattern is great. i love the teal (pool)!

i love the simplicity of this big apple! i would love it on the kitchen counter, or as a cookie jar, or in the bedroom as a loose ends holder...you get the idea!

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