11 August 2010

day 6 - a picture that inspires you...

lots of things inspire me. outside. friends. my brain, i guess? so, to find ONE picture that inspires me....that's really hard for me. so i picked a couple. so enjoy the landscape today, cause that's what inspires me the most.
let me know which one you like best!

ireland. ahhhh...it's like a breath of fresh air, right?!

this makes me want to cook...SO bad!

i love bridges and ny. great pic for that!

lovely pic that a friend took!

i love christmas. and christmas at the waldorf in nyc?! perfection!!!
ps-all these pictures were from websites and things...if you took them, please don't get mad. just let me know, and i'll give you FULL credit! thanks for your awesomeness.

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My New Favourite Thing said...

Great images! I especially love the one of NYC - I've never been :( x