20 July 2010

do you like tarts with your art?

inspiration: tart cafe
location: 4411 montrose
what i love: it's so yummmmmmmmy!

so connie and i had lunch today at tart cafe...it was supposed to have really good salads and it was close to work. i was thinking, eh. but i was more like "AHHH!!" when we left. we went in and ordered at the counter, but i couldn't decide what i wanted to eat...the menu looked too yummy. but i thought i wanted the spinach salad, topped with roasted mushrooms, goat cheese, and prosciutto bits (like fancy bacon bits), but then i saw the chicken pesto tart on the menu, and since it was my first time there, i thought i would try that.

i was blown away! the flavor was really delicious, with its basil pesto and herb crust...it was served with a side salad, simply greens and some dressing...it was delightful!!! and of course, the company was wonderful as well! 
so go by when you get a chance...here's the exterior of the building, and enjoy some really awesome goodies!!!

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Christy said...

Let's GO THERE...
SOON!! :)