11 July 2010

where do you go to shop???? - home edition

so sometimes, not often, but sometimes...people ask me where i find the stuff i put in my apartment. they either like my style, or ask me out of pity, or just actually dig my finds. so in addition to coming photographs of said space, i'm going to include some websites for some of my favorite shops. i have either shopped, browsed, or stalked these stores in both my many travels, or just in home-towning there for a while. so enjoy the browsing, and please let me know if you find anything good there...i love me some feedback.

in houston:

first off, there's always anthropologie. it is not only a former employee of mine, but also one of my first true loves. i first discovered this store about 6 or 7 years ago, and i have never looked back. it makes my favorite christmas gifts, my favorite rainy sunday shopping, my favorite surprise gift bags, and i miss it when i'm not in the store. (i think i might be a little co-dependent....or obsessed. you pick.)
after anthro, i have to say that my mom is another source of inspiration/style/booty. now before you get too excited mom, just know that i am very inspired by your style, but in a different way than you might thing. my mom owns a business, and through that business, i have had WAY more exposure to the world of retail than i probably should have. this includes, but is not limited to, 10 years of buying at market, 6 years of doing window displays, and about 2 years collectively of creating things and signage for the store. she has spaces at both heights antiques on yale, and the yale pharmacy...all there for your shopping needs.
i love shopping in the heights. there is so much eclectic stuff out there...from vintage home wares to persian rugs, old stuff, new stuff, and everything in between....you can find it all in the heights. my fav store was The Homestretch, but Maura closed up a little while ago, and moved stock to heights antiques. so it's like one stop shopping...you can shop my mom and Maura, all in one parking job.

there's the cardinal boutique - with their super fun mexican imports, and never a shortage of mexican colored floral dresses, you can always find something fun and unique in this cute little store. and about 90% of the store features handmade stuff...not too shabby (chic). there's also the texas junk company, where you can find some cool salvageable pieces, and if not, you can always find a crazy colored pair of cowboy boots. cause it is houston after all, and you will need them at some point. another really cool place is adkins architectural antiques and treasures on fannin. it's worth the dig, and if you're looking for glass knobs or depression glass, this is the place.

other places:

LA -
apartment number 9 - the design in the santa monica store is so inspiring...i just love it. just go there. it's on 26th.
eurochic llc - love it.
hollywood at home - amazing interior design. the textiles are pretty incredible. you won't regret that one.
i draw a lot of inspiration for outdoors from patio culture...but the prices are a little beyond my means, so i take some of those vibes to places like ikea and pier 1 and really let the style aspect shine through.
west third street - one of the places i miss the most about living in LA...i loved just shopping it out on 3rd (both w third st and the third street promenade in santa monica...oooh, and montana st...i think there are too many to list...)

NY -
i miss brooklyn flea. i have had such a blast over the years picking up stuff there...my only restriction being that i would have to fit it in my suitcase...heehee brooklyn
brooklyn general store - they have great stuff for home improvement, especially if you're going a little retro....milk paint, vintage fabrics, curtain rods, yarn, etc. it's all so adorable and stylish.
i haven't been yet (def. on my next trip to ny), but i'm hearing awesome things about brooklyn indie market....great items and amazing designers working on some really kick-ass artisanal items!

french quarter linens - some of the most beautiful linens ever. simple. beautiful. elegant. sophisticated. what more could you ask for?
if you can sew at all, you should consider these fun modern designs from marimekko...they are phenomenal and really hit the mark for pops of color in any room as well as providing super fun and dynamic patterns!
i love cath kidston's design...her little boutique in nyc is adorable, and the store in london is awesome. check it out if you have the time.
based in london, graham and green is one of the only stores that i truly hate. meaning, i HATE that it's not here in texas. i mean really. couldn't they just open one in my neighborhood??
and don't even get me started on mint's gorgeous store display. i only wish my house looked like it.
the lollipop shoppe - such cool accessories. just don't even doubt me there.
the portobello market and the spitalfields market are great places to browse. i love just walking and not only people watching and shopping, but also grabbing a coffee and talking with the stall vendors. i love london.
tate modern shop - great gift shopping, but they have some wicked cool stuff for your flat as well. cool teapots, small rugs, and all the kitschy art knickies you could think of. it's so fun!

i also get really inspired by set design. i don't know if it's the art lover in me, or the registrar in me that pays so much attention to details, but i always notice the little details whenever i'm watching a movie or tv or whatever...so i don't know how to tell you about set design or where to find it, but it's really inspiring to me whenever i look around. so i guess just pay some attention when you watch a rerun?

so that's it for now...let me know if there are more questions. i'd love to talk interiors shop with you. and hopefully, i've given you a head start on some great finds in a city near you!!

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