22 July 2010

gossip girl in paris?? ooh la la!!

inspiration: gossip girl fashion
location: paris francais
what i love: the chicness....oui oui!

i know it's lame, but i've told you guys that i watch gossip girl. and it's not really about the story for me, but it's about the costume and set design. i'm a little obsessed. but it's ok...i've received medication and i'm in therapy so that i don't talk about it ALL the time. :)
but today, i found an article at celebuzz detailing with photos the shooting that's going on in paris, and i must say that i'm obsessed. the clothes are just beautiful...and if you know any of the designers of the clothes, LET ME KNOW! i found a dress that i WANT, but you'll have to fill me in on where to go!!! hee hee

this is the dress i'm OBSESSED WITH!!! if you know the designer, let me know!
love the styling on this outfit!!
i mean, really...so sexy!!


all images can be found here...enjoy, and can't wait for gossip girl season 3!!! (i'll most likely be obsessed to see what they create in there too!!)



great post...absolutely love all...lovely the green dress

Christy said...

OH MY GOSH I love that dress-----when I just saw the little "blurb" in my blogroll with that picture I thought "I HAVE to see that dress up close"---uh wow :)

French Basketeer said...

Hi Amy-
thanks for following my blog! I came over to check your blog out too. Is that a BASKET in the second pic? It looks fab with the lovely green dress....