15 July 2010

so fill this out and send it to 10 people, or else....

inspiration: hattie's particulars
location: la computadora
what i love: it's reminiscent of all those surveys we filled out when the internet started....ah, nostalgia...

so i was reading on some of my friends' blogs today, and i was struck by my friend hattie's. she's so cutie and i love reading about what's going on with her, and i got a little inspired by her particulars, so i decided i would fill them out for myself. cause i love questions. and i love to talk. and isn't a blog just another way to talk about yourself??


FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Rome, the quiet part. QUOTE WORTHY: “All human wisdom is contained in the words wait and hope." - The Count of Monte Cristo. I COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER (AND OVER!): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Troop Beverly Hills, Summer Magic, High Fidelity, Coming to America, Wayne's World. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE: “love is all you need.”-the beatles. CLOSET STAPLE: probably toms. and jeans with t-shirts. ON MY IPOD: Citizen Cope, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Timbaland, Teddybears, MIA, Led Zeppelin. BLOOM DU JOUR: Peonies. REQUIRED READING: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wuthering Heights, Like Water for Chocolate, The Sun Also Rises, The Lovely Bones. SIGNATURE SCENT: Marc Jacobs. FAVORITE HAUNT: Gallant Knight, Houston (i dig live music). ALWAYS IN MY PURSE: iphone, NARS lipgloss in Female Trouble, green Orla Kiely wallet, wayfarers, plethora of bobbypins. ALWAYS ON MY WRISTS, FINGERS, NECK AND EARS: ESQ watch, David Yurman sparkly diamond ring, necklaces by ginette ny or something else crazy, diamond earrings (25th bday present from momma). GREATEST DISCOVERY: sounds cheesy, but my relationship with God (a continual discovery). BIGGEST INDULGENCE: fish and chips with a pint of beer (from the Black Labrador, ideally in Houston).  RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENT: finishing Wilderness Ranch hike...20 miles in the wilderness. yeah, really. MOMENT I LOOK FORWARD TO: my ah-ha moment. i don't know what it's going to be yet though. CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS: this blog, man.

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hattie sparks said...

AMESSS! So cute of you to mention little ole me...I loved reading all your particulars! Love you girl!