28 July 2010

i have found one of the yummiest little treats to date!

i love dark chocolate. that's no secret. really, it's not. if i have to pick a "sweet treat" to have, it's not ice cream or some crazy nougat or caramel filled candy bar (though i don't judge those that love them), but i usually pick something spicy like hot tamales, or some dark chocolate. yum.

i have a real soft spot for trader joe's little dark chocolate snack bars (i love them with peanut butter), but i have always loved the special dark chocolate from hershey's too...when my mom would buy those bags of miniatures, she would always eat all but the dark chocolate, and i would eat them....they were so yummy! i guess that's where it all started... ;)

but do you know, that there are now some little snackies called hershey's special dark pieces??? they're like reese's pieces, but filled with dark chocolate instead of peanut butter! so what might my favorite mixture of candies might be you ask??? um, reese's pieces and special dark pieces! DONE!

you can find them (and that lovely image above) on hershey's website....enjoy! (and you're welcome...) :)

(there are also some other flavors...like almond joy pieces and york peppermint patty pieces....i KNOW!)

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