15 July 2010

so i don't normally do this, but today i'm re-blogging.

that's right. i'm not feeling very creative today, but after going through my blog updates, i came across a posting that made my heart ache.

i miss italy so much. the everyday walk from school to home. the noises outside that made my ears perk up over the excitement in the street. the smells from the restaurant, il sasso di dante, outside our open window. i can close my eyes and be transported back there in a heart beat. so when i saw this blog posting from the sartorialist, i just had to repost it here, because it literally took my breath away.

seeing something so simple, but so very italian. this is one of the things i miss the most about life in italy. simplicity. a willingness to let the world pass by. people that own a business NOT open 24 hours a day, but open when they want to be.
now ask me how badly i want to go back.

photo and link courtesy of the sartorialist.

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