19 July 2010

lobster killer...qu'est-ce que c'est?

inspiration: julie & julia child.
location: my dvd player
what i love: her. all of it.

so when i was a small child, i watched a lot of pbs. i'm not really sure why, outside of a deep desire to potentially see grover run 'near and far,' or watch bob ross talk about happy trees, or become mister rogers' neighbor, or maybe to watch old episodes of 'the french chef' with julia child. who knows...but those are the four programs i remember being fascinated with at a young age from pbs. and i mean really fascinated.
so much so that i would not only impersonate grover's opposites, i would try to enter the puppet world in mister rogers' neighborhood, and i even painted a piece of furniture in my room, trying to imitate bob's style of trees (and i needed a bigger canvas). but the elusive one of those had to be julia child. she was mesmerizing. i could watch her and listen to her talk for hours. i just loved her voice, and the fact that she looked like she could be my grandma, and she always seemed to make the world sound relatable, like she was explaining something so that i could understand it. i loved that. and i still do.
somehow when julia would explain something, it just seemed to make more sense. that she is quite consistent, it's one of my favorite things about her instruction. and she always started at the beginning. "now when you go to cook a lobster, the first thing you need to do is...." it all seemed so doable.

you can find some clips at this link...it's a youtube video from pbs...enjoy!

so in honor of a modern version of julia, today's inspiration is julie and julia, which i have watched today for about the 100th time, cause it's about as close as i can get....well, without watching all the dvds of 'the french chef' that i have....(true confessions, i guess.)
so remember that lobster i was talking about...well, enjoy this clip of the julie and julia version:

i loved seeing some of the things i read about in julia's book, my life in france, come to life in the movie...and seeing what it looked like to create seemingly crazy things, like aspics, in the modern cooking age. or like this moment that julia realized that food was her true love:

some of my favorites of 'the french chef' include her episode about roasting chickens, making omelettes, and the cuteness of this episode about a chafing dish dinner!! enjoy it! and let me know if you need to borrow julie and julia...i'm happy to let you! 

...and i hope you are enjoying julia as much as i do!

...and i guess i should read the book at some point, so buy julie and julia and give it a shot! i will  too!

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