29 July 2010

who else read seventeen???

inspiration: 1990s seventeen magazine covers
location: le intranet
what i love: oh, the nostalgia

i can almost smell the aquanet in the air. and feel the pink sponge rollers in my hair before i went to bed. oh my middle school years. it all came rushing back after i saw some vintage seventeen magazine covers today. and you better believe that i looked up some of my favs after that...so enjoy!

my fav!!! i still have this one at mom's!

oh my so called life...and jared leto...so dreamy!!

i always thought he was so cute...so sad that he passed.

i think this one made it through too...

i definitely took that quiz...i was awesome!

i have always loved her!
these were just some of my favorites....i read this magazine for far too long i'm sure....you know, until i was about 15....haha
(and all images can be found here)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

OH YES! I believe I actually owned all these covers! Seventeen was the BEST!