27 July 2010

worishofer sandals...how do you even say that??!

today, as i was getting on yahooooooo to check my email, i saw this article in their news feed about these "old lady" sandals that were becoming popular with hollywood stars (well, the ultra indie-cool ones...) and i thought to myself, "self, what are these sandals that they are talking about??"
i figured they would be either so ugly i couldn't stand it, or just some new style of birkenstock or something. well, i was wrong on both counts.

they are called worishofer sandals (pronounced wer-sher-fer), and they were created by a pediatrist in Germany. and don't hate me, but they have a totally cute style to them (in my mind), with their perforated pattern on the top of the sandal, and their fun colors....i really like them.
so you might be wondering who these stars are that are wearing these worishofer sandals, and the ones i've seen are maggie gyllenhaal, who i LOVE, michelle williams, M.I.A., and kirsten dunst...just to name a few. check out the article from ny daily news here! (and the picture is from there also...)

and here are a couple of other sites about the shoes...
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not about the sandals, but one of my favorite shoe stores...shoe market in brooklyn!!! (but they do carry them!)

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